Alexander Magnusson

Son of Thor


Name: Alexander Magnusson
High Concept: Scion of Thor
Trouble: Last Champion of the Aesir
Other Aspects: My Father’s Son, Hammer of the Gods, Storm Lord: Agent of Monoc, Defender of the Downtrodden

Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gray

Superb (5): Weapons, Athletics
Great (4): Endurance, Alertness
Good (3): Lore, Conviction, Fists
Fair (2): Presence, Might, Discipline
Average (+1): Contacts, Resources, Scholarship, Empathy, Investigation

Physical: OOOO (OOOO)
Mental: OOOO
Social: OOO


Superhuman Toughness [-4]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
The Catch: Wood of the Yew Tree 3]
Superhuman Strength [-4]
Alternate Spellcasting 0 Can use Weapons instead of Discipline and Endurance instead of
Conviction for the purposes of casting spells.
Item of Power [-4]
– [-2] Channeling: Storms (
1 Power/Storms, +1 Control/Storms)
0 Purpose: If the Wielder is not worthy, Mjolnir becomes to heavy to lift.
0 It is what it is: Weapon: 3 Hammer
0 Unbreakable: As an Item of Power this item cannot be broken except with a magical
ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.
1 One Time Discount: It’s a big hammer. Not easy to hide.
– [-0] Returning: Mjolnir will return to the wielder’s hand if separated.
– [-1] True Aim: Mjolnir is a superlative weapon. So long as its bearer is worthy, it
provides a +1 bonus to all Weapons rolls.
– [-1] Hammer of the Gods: The wielder may spend a Fate point to ignore Toughness abilities.

Armor: 2

Total Refresh Cost: -10
Adjusted Refresh: 1


- 1979 Dodge Charger (black)
- Smartphone (Monoc issued – Hex Proof)
- Pocket size LED flashlight
- Multi-tool
- Tablet (Monoc issued – Hex Proof)
- Chalk

Languages: English, Ancient Norse (including the reading of Runes)


High Concept: Scion of Thor

Trouble: Last Champion of the Aesir

Background: My Father’s Son

Alex was born on June 15, 1992. His parents, Donald Magnusson (the Norse God Thor) and his mother, Christine Sands, were passing through central Kansas when Christine went into labor. They were forced to stop in the town of Delphos. As Christine went into labor, a storm front began to move through the state, culminating into a massive weather event that included hail, lightning and tornados. As the storm began to play itself out the infant Alexander was born.

Rising Conflict: Hammer of the Gods

When Alex was almost a year old his father left at the behest of his own father, the CEO of Monoc. He never game home. Alex’s grandfather visited just once, a few weeks after Donald’s disappearance. He delivered the news in person, and left what appeared to be a small keepsake in Alex’s possession. It is a leather strap that Alex wears around his right wrist. Adorned on the strap is a metal talisman in the shape of an ancient hammer with strange symbols etched on it.

First Story – Storm Lords: Storm Lord: Agent of Monoc

At the age of sixteen Alex and his mother lived in Seattle, Washington. One day, arriving home from school, Alex found his home destroyed and his mother dead. Alex, believing he is now alone in the world receives a mysterious package, pointing him in the direction of his mother’s killers. He tries to give the information to the local cops, but they stonewall Alex at every turn. Angry and distraught he decides to use the information himself, and begins is own investigation. During the course of events Alex’s emotions get the better of him and his latent powers manifest themselves, as well as his father’s talisman revealing itself for what it really is, the mighty hammer Mjolnir. Alex tracks down the killers, a pair of Storm Giants and destroys them.

With the case finished Alex is left with no purpose. That is, until a man appears to him a few days later, claiming to be his grandfather. Donar Vadderrung explains everything to Alex and recruits the young man to work for him. Alex will spend the next two years finishing school, and then he goes into the field, working as an Agent of Monoc.

Alexander Magnusson

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