Algrot the Warden

Fomor Warden, specialist for building high security magical prisons


High Concept: Fomor Prison Warden
Trouble: Craftsman first, Warrior second
Other Aspects: Form follows Function, Rome wasn’t built in a day (but it burnt in one)

Stress Tracks:
Physical: OOOO (OOOO) Armor:2
Mental: OOOO
Social: OOOO

Superb: Craftsmanship, Lore, Weapons
Great: Fists, Endurance, Athletics
Good: Everything else

Powers and stunts:
inhuman Speed [-2]
inhuman Strength [-2]
supernatural Toughness [-4]
supernatural Recovery [-4]
Catch: Cold Iron 3]
Aquatic [-1]
IoP: Mallet of the Warden [-4]
It’s a big Hammer [
Weapon: 4
True aim: +1 Weapons rolls
Shackles of the Mind [-2]: On a successful hit, in addition to inflicting stress, you create the aspect “Shackles of the Mind” on your target that you may tag on your next defense roll against the target. The aspect gets removed right before your next action.
Booby Traps (Sponsored Fomor Magic as a Place of Power (magical prisons of his own design)) [-4]
Uses Craftsmanship for Control, Endurance for Power, Lore for Lore
+1 to using Fomor magic in a prison of his design

Master Craftsman’s Eye: ignore 1 point of worn armor on your target


Algrot the Warden

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