Ancient Sea Serpent


High Concept: Ancient Sea Serpent
Trouble: Brittle with Age
Other Aspects: Gigantic Body, Trapped in a dead Underwater City, Creature of the Fomor

Stress Tracks:
Physical: OOOOOO (OO)
Mental: OO
Social: OO

Superb: Endurance, Survival
Great: Fists, Athletics
Good: Alertness, Might
Fair: Discipline

Powers and stunts:
Hulking Size [-2]
inhuman Toughness [-2]
supernatural Strength [-4]
Aquatic [-1]


An ancient creature, once a slave to the Fomor, the sea serpent has been entombed in the city below the sea. The city is big enough to provide a small ecosystem that has provided it with enough food to survive through the ages. It still mourns for its masters and will protect the cities sanctum with its life. Unfortunately, even a creature like this isn’t immortal, and time has taken its toll on its physique.

Ancient Sea Serpent

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