Frog Chimera


High Concept: Frog Chimera
Trouble: Dumber than a bag of wet frogs
Other Aspects: Created to kill, 15 foot tongue,

Stress Tracks:
Physical: OOOO (OO)
Mental: OO
Social: OO

Superb: Athletics, Survival
Great: Fists, Endurance
Good: Alertness,
Fair: Might

Powers and stunts:
Claws [-1]
inhuman Speed [-2]
inhuman Toughness [-2]
inhuman Recovery [-2]
Aquatic [-1]
Frogs legs (+2 to jump) [-1]
Long Tong (can attack with fists up to a zone away) [-1]

These creatures, used by the Fomor as guards and sentries, are a horrible blend of a frog and a dog, and can reach almost the size of a horse. Sharp yellow teeth and claws are only their second most dangerous weapons. The enormous tongue, the tip spiked like a medieval weapon can catch their pray from up to 15 feet. They will try to use that to their advantage, jumping out of their pray’s range with their powerful frog legs and wearing them down from afar. They will only allow themselves to fight directly, if they are pressed into a corner they can’t get out of.


Frog Chimera

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