Geira Brunhildsdottar

A proud Valkyrie.


High concept: Old fashioned Valkyrie
Trouble: Trained for War
Other Aspects: They don’t call me ‘spear’ for nothing; Honor before Death; The old rules

Physical: OOOO (OOOO) (Armor:2) (+1 mild)
Social: OO
Mental: OOOO

Superb (5): Weapons, Endurance
Great (4): Athletics, Conviction, Fists
Good (3): Might, Alertness, Survival
Fair (2): Presence, Lore, Resources
Average (1): Contacts, Discipline, Empathy

supernatural toughness [-4]
supernatural recovery [-4]
Brunhilds Spear [-2] The spear is too heavy for a normal human to even lift. The rightful owner can throw it with great power and devastating results.
Rebate [+2]
supernatural strength [-4]
It is what it is (weapon:3)

Keep them at a distance: +1 weapons defense when distance is a beneficial factor wielding a spear.
Holm advantage: When fighting in a Holmgang, you can invoke one shield aspect a second time. That means the first time, the shield didn’t break, but slid off the shield without doing any harm.


Geira Brunhildsdottar

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