Jake Mackinley


Name: Jacob “Jake” Mackinley
High Concept: Arcane Contracter
Trouble: Enemy of my ally
Background: Spirit Symbiosis
Rising Conflict: Gentleman and a Scholar
First Story: Sir and Savage
Guest Star, With Jeffery: Luck of the damned
Guest Star, With XXX Something up my sleeve

Mundane Skills:
5: Lore
4: Scholarship, Presence, Rapport
3: Conviction, Empathy, Discipline
2: Deceit, Contacts, Alertness
1: Investigation, Stealth, Resources, Craftsmanship, Driving

Beast Change Skills:
5: Fists
4: Endurance, Athletics, Intimidation
3: Conviction, Might, Presence
2: Stealth, Discipline, Alertness
1: Survival, Empathy, Investigation, Burglary, Weapons

Beast Change -1 Covering:
Inhuman Strength -2
Inhuman Toughness -2

Thaumaturgy -3
Specialization: Summoning and Binding Control: 1
Refinement -1
Divination Control: 1

Spent Refresh/Fate Points: 9/2

Physical Stress: OO (Beast Change: OOOOOO, Armor 1)
Social Stress: OOOO (Beast Change: OOO)
Mental Stress: OOO (Beast Change: OOO)


Trouble: Enemy of my ally
At it’s peak the spirit now housed within Jake was a formidable and capracious being. Now bereft of it’s might, there are many who would seek revenge upon it for wrongs delivered in the past.

Background: Spirit Symbiosis
Jake once came across a dying spirit of the Nevernever. Not wishing to vanish from the world forever, the spirit offered Jake a bargain: In exchange for safety and secrecy, the spirit would grand him magical knowledge and physical power beyond that of most mortals. The spirit is now bound to Jake’s soul until his dying day, for better or worse.

Rising Conflict: Gentleman and a Scholar
One of Jake’s first jobs as a magical freelancer involved surprisingly little fanfare. A group of Kappa had somehow managed to find their way to the states, and were causing trouble for the locals. All it took was a bit of cursory research to understand the prier way of handling them, an a silver tongue to convince them let him lead them back to Japan.

First Story: Sir and Savage
Despite his preference for diplomacy and discourse, sometimes you need to get your hands dirty. A group of Fairfolk were harassing a practitioner for some perceived slight. After a few attempts at negotiation, Jake realized they only interested in being bullies. Luring them to a secluded area that he had warded against Fae magic. Calling on his spirit partner for aid Jake returned their bulling tenfold with three broken faces and a cracked rib.

Guest Star, with Jeffery: Luck of the damned
Sometimes, you just get in over your head. Having been contracted to retrieve a sacred dagger from a cult, Jake underestimated his target and wound up in a jail cell waiting to be sacrificed. As luck would have it however, a special agent by the name of Jeffery had also been thrown in the same cell. By combining their resources in to a formidable force, they were able to escape and complete the job.

*Guest Star, with XXX Something up my sleeve

Jake Mackinley

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