Jethro Cooper

Fomor Cultist


High Concept: Fomor Cultist
Trouble: My life for the Masters
Aspects: the meek will perish, obsessed with power, I am invincible

Stress Tracks:
Physical: OOOO (OO)
Mental: OO
Social: OO

Superb: Conviction, Deceit
Great: Discipline, Guns, Intimidation
Good: Survival, Lore, Burglary, Alertness
Fair: Driving, Presence

Powers and stunts:
Fomor Magic [-4]
Inhuman Toughness [-2]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
Refinement [-3]


Jethro is one of the most loyal followers of the Fomor. He is operating mostly on his own, looking for ways to help the Fomor or himself grow into more power. While he has received quite a few upgrades by the Fomor, he has avoided the worst of the fishmonster look that affects most subjects.

Jethro Cooper

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