Mary Bleile-Fisher

A woman in her late fiftees. She dresses like an old hippie and lives off the land.


+6 Lore
+5 Discipline Contacts
+4 Conviction; Investigation
+3 Survival, Empathy, presence
+2 Deceit, craftsmanship, Rapport,
+1 Alertness, Scholarship, resources, Athletics

-2 Ritual: Divination
-3 Refinement X2 Foci: Divination
-1 Ghost Speaker
-1 Psychometry
-1 Supernatural sense: Auras
-1 The Sight
-0 Soulgaze

-1 Read the Surface
-1 Finely Tuned 3rd Eye
-1 See the Truth: +2 to interpret the Sight
-1 Go Native
-1 Ghosts know what goes on: Use Contacts instead of alertness to avoid surprise
Refresh 1/15



HC Renown Diviner
Trouble: A Hermit’s Life
Other Aspects: Contacting the Dead; Saw it Coming; Hippie Lifestyle; Divorced from the White Council; Don’t wanna get Involved

Address (for google purposes)
A farm just south of:
168 Southern Shore Hwy
St John’s, NL A1S 1H5 ‎

Mary Bleile-Fisher

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