Mayer Twins

Shapeshifters with a telepathic connection


Hannah Mayer

Telepathic Bond [-1]
Beast Change (fox) [-1]
Inhuman Speed [-2]
Diminutive Size [-1]

Barbara Mayer

Telepathic Bond [-1]
Beast Change (raven) [-1]
cloak of shadows [-1]
Diminutive Size [-1]


+3 Scholarship, Empathy
+2 Rapport, Lore, Alertness
+1 Drive, Athletics, Crafts

Fox Form:
+4 Athletics
+3 Fists, Alertness
+2 Empathy, Stealth
+1 Intimidation, Rapport

Raven Form:
+4 Stealth
+3 Athletics, Alertness
+2 Investigation, Burglary
+1 Empathy, Lore,


The Mayer Twins can turn into a ginger cat and a black raven, respectively. What’s more, they can look through each others eyes, so much so, that they can switch their consciousness into each others bodies.

After being abused by their father for years, they found refuge on the Free Witch Ranch. They still keep mainly to themselves, unless they are in their animal forms.

Mayer Twins

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