Sarah Rogers

Bibliomancer Agent for the Library of Congress Special Collections


High Concept: Bibliomancer for the Library of Congress
Trouble: Timid Nerd Agent
Aspects: Newest member of Special Collections, still not sure of this whole magic thing, Let me read that

Bibliomancy: When touching a piece of paper with written or printed information on it, you know what it says without looking at the words or even opening the book. However, you can not remember any information you acquired with this method, once you let go of the book or paper.

Internal Database: Once you read something, you can recall it with astonishing precision. You must actually have read the information you are remembering, this does not work for things you hear or images. It also doesn’t work for information acquired with Bibliomancy.


Sarah came to special collections, when her special ability became known. Before that, she worked as a librarian for the Library of Congress.

Sarah Rogers

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