Brick of Babel


Skills Affected: Lore
[-0] It Is What It Is. It’s an ancient brick. Probably would hurt if it hit someone upside the head (Weapon:1). It probably would also be considered very valuable by archaeologists and collectors of antiquities.
[-0] Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, this item cannot ever be broken. Hey, it survived Divine Intervention after all.
[-1] Know All Tongues. Anyone touching a Babel Brick can comprehend any form of communication (Supernatural Sense: Sense Meaning).


A brick from the legendary Tower of Babel, it perversely gained the abilities of comprehension the inhabitants of the city lost as one of its properties. Anyone who touches the brick can understand the message behind any form of communication, no matter what language, slang or code it is in.

Brick of Babel

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