Clio's Mirror


Skills Affected: Social and perception skills, Investigation
[-0] Purpose. The item was made to reveal the past and the echoes of those who lived it so that history may be revealed.
[-0] It Is What It Is. A hand mirror with a depiction of Clio on the handle, it can be used like any ordinary mirror to reflect things.
[-0] Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, this item cannot be broken except with a magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.
[-1] Ghost Speaker. The wielder of this mirror may see ghosts reflected in it, as well as hear and communicate with them. Ghosts are easily aware of this fact and receive a +2 bonus to perceive or locate it.
[-1] Psychometry. The wielder may see images of the past of objects reflected in the mirror.


A hand mirror dedicated to Clio, Muse of History.

Clio's Mirror

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