Rod of Wrathful Flame


Skills Affected: Discipline
[-0] It Is What It Is. A large rod with a crystal that shines with an inner flame, one can use it as a club if one felt the need. (Weapon:1)
[-0] Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, this item cannot be broken except with a magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.
[-2] Bolt of Flame. With a minor exertion of one’s will one can project a bolt of flame from the crystal which imprisons the fire elemental at the target of one’s choice (Reskinned Breath Weapon that uses Discipline as the targeting skill).
[-1] Wrathful Bolt. By devoting one’s full attention to lashing out with the rod the destructive power of the bolt released can be intensified. (Makes the resulting fire bolt Weapon:4)


A magical rod in which a fire elemental has been eternally imprisoned, enabling the wielder to utilize its power to attack with powerful bolts of flame.

Rod of Wrathful Flame

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