The Jester's Scepter


Skills Affected: Deceit
[-0] Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, this item cannot be broken.
[-1] Incite Emotion (Mirth).
[-1] At Range.
[-1] Lasting Emotion. Weapon:2. Take Out options include making someone so amused with the wielder they’ll go along any suggestions he makes, rendering someone unable to do anything but laugh for the rest of the scene (or maybe even longer) and making someone laugh themselves to death.


Empowered by a spirit of revelry, this jester’s scepter allows one to instill mirth on a subject, enabling one to render someone helpless with laughter, make one more pliable to persuasion due to being amused and even make a target laugh themselves to death.

The Jester's Scepter

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