Thirst (aka The Blade That Drinks)*

weapon (melee)

Skills Affected: Weapons, Athletics, Contacts, Empathy, Endurance, other physical skills, Discipline,
[-0] Purpose. To imprison an impudent warrior and teach him to respect his betters, especially when his betters include powerful sidhe.
[-0] It Is What It Is. A claidheamh mor, or basket-hilted broadsword (Weapon:3)
[-0] Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, this item cannot be broken except with a magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose..
[-1] Channeling The Warrior Spirit. The wielder can draw upon the martial skills and experience of the warrior spirit. However, the ferocity of the his mindset means that while doing some of the wielders social or intellectual skills may suffer if he is not as skilled a warrior himself. (Reskinned Skill Shuffle trapping of Beast Change; Weapons and Athletics change places higher non-fighting skills, in Jeffrey’s case Contacts and Empathy respectively).
[-4] Communion of Vitality. The wielder can draw upon the lifeforce of the Warrior’s spirit to enhance his recuperative capabilities (Supernatural Recovery).
3] The Catch (Cold Iron). Since the sword is a product of Faerie magic, one who draws upon its vitality to enhance his recuperation must share in the Faerie vulnerability to Cold Iron (Easily Accessed +2; Specific Research Material necessary to realize the sword is of Faerie make +1)
1] The Sword Must Drink. Though imprisoned within a sword, the spirit of the warrior still feels the need to spill blood to maintain its strength. If deprived for too long it may weaken to the point that it might not be able to provide its benefit of enhanced vitality to its wielder (Feeding Dependency: Blood attached to Supernatural Recovery).
[-1] Share The Feast. When the sword is sated the Communion of Vitality between it and the wielder allows him to receive a portion of the benefit. The downside is that while Channeling The Warrior Spirit the wielder may have to resist the compulsions to feed (draw blood with the sword) experienced by the warrior spirit (Blood Drinker)


A claidheamh mor in which the spirit of a bloodthirsty warrior was bound after it had offended a powerful sidhe noble.

Thirst (aka The Blade That Drinks)*

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