Unicorn Horn Pendant


Skills Affected: Endurance, other physical skills
[-0] It Is What It Is. A long sharp horn mounted on a chain, it could hurt someone if you stabbed someone with it (Weapon:1).
[-0] Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, this item cannot be broken except with a magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.
[-4] Blessing of The Unicorn. As iconic creatures of Summer, Unicorns could use their power to restore and preserve health and vitality to those they favored. A properly enchanted unicorn pendant preserves this power after their death, blessing its wearer with amazing abilities of recovery and endurance (Supernatural Recovery)
[+3] The Catch (Cold Iron). As creatures of Faerie, restorative abilities of a unicorn’s horn can not heal injuries inflicted by the bane all fae share, Cold Iron. (Something anyone could get access to +2; Specific research material required to know that unicorn horns can not cure everything +1)


Taken from the corpses of unicorns slain in hunts or in conflicts such as The War Over Chicago, unicorn horns are attatched to chains so they might be worn and enchanted so that their restorative powers do not fade away after the unicorn’s death. One who wears a Unicorn Horn Pendant enjoys remarkable recuperative abilities.

Unicorn Horn Pendant

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