Daisy D'oro

Violeta's Ninja-Nymph daughter


High Concept: Ninja-Nymph
Trouble: Daughter of Violeta D’oro
Other Aspects: Like the Wind, now you see her now you don’t, Cute as a Button tough as a Nail, your favorite niece till she cuts your throat, tiny but fierce

Physical: OOOO +1
Mental: OOOO
Social: OO

+5 Fists, Athletics
+4 Stealth, Rapport, Burglary
+3 Alertness, Survival, Discipline
+2 Lore, Deceit, Contacts
+1 Resources, Scholarship, Investigation

Inhuman Speed [-2]
Cloak of Shadows [-1]

Armed Arts [-1] (Sai, (throwing) Knife)
Martial Artist [-1]
She’s harmless [-1] (Roll Rapport against target’s Empathy to initiate an adhoc ambush if you can act first)
Athlete’s Stamina [-1] (Athletics instead of Endurance for stress)
Hairpin Maestro [-1]
Disarming Weapon [-1] (+2 for disarming maneuvers when using her Sai)
Stay Close [-1]


Daisy D'oro

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