Jeffrey Campbell

The Clued-In Spy With Nifty Toys


Name: Jeffrey Campbell
High Concept: “Special Collections Field Operative”
Trouble: “Gotta Keep The Librarians Happy”
Other Aspects: “Method Acting,” “My Life In The Spy Business,” “Fight Smart, Not Fair,” “Good Intel Is Gold,” “Authorized Artifact Caretaker”

Gender: Male
Age: Late Thirties
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Superb (5): Contacts
Great (
4): Deceit, Resources
Good (3): Conviction, Discipline, Empathy, Fists
Fair (
2): Guns, Lore, Rapport, Scholarship (Langages: Latin, Spanish)
Average (+1): Alertness, Athletics, Burglar, Intimidation, Investigation, Stealth

Mental: OOOO
Physical: OOOO
Social: OOOO

Refinement – 4 enchanted item slots [-1]

Note: The base power of your items is equal to your contacts, the base frequency is 1. You can get more powerful items with a successful “contacts” roll or with more uses but they take up more of your “slots” according to heir strength/frequency.

Collection of Useful Artifacts
Modular Abilities Variant – Instead of switching out abilities by manipulating one’s physique, one can utilize different abilities by switching out the magical artifact one is currently wielding. Cost: 4 Refresh base cost + 2 Refresh modular abilities surcharge = 6
Item of Power: Cost +2
Total Net Cost: -4

Note: The Collection Caretaker has a number of items equal to the contact skill immediately on his person, with the possibility of having access to more or switching out what he personally carries when he’s at a place where he can keep more, like the trunk of his car or a storage unit. When he’s away from such a place he could either define which items he has ahead of time, or leave some “slots” blank and either succeed in a Contacts Declaration or spend a fate point to Invoke his “Authorized Artifact Caretaker” aspect to have just the right kind of item he needs on hand.

Mind Over Body – Allows one to use Conviction to determine Physical
Stress Capacity
Person of Conviction
Martial Artist
Redirected Force

Total Refresh Cost: -11
Adjusted Refresh: 1

Possessions Include But Are Not Limited To:
Safehouse with state of the art security
Lexus LS Hybrid with individual circles conveniently stitched for each passenger on the floor mats
A diverse wardrobe of clothes to fit every occasion and circumstance, ranging the spectrum from decent to fancy
I-Phone 5 with special encryption app
Backup Smartphone, always kept turned off unless primary cellphone malfunctions, runs out of power, etc.
Android Tablet
Netbook with high-end security measures
Paper Notepad and Pen
First Aid Kit
Several Glowsticks
Swiss Army Knife
Kevlar Vest – Armor:2
Stun Gun
Glock 19 – Weapon:2
Submachine Gun – Weapon: 3
Different types of specialty ammo designed to take advantage of the
vulnerabilities of different supernatural creatures
Flare Gun (kept in trunk of car)
Paintball Pistol
-Specially Made Paintball Clips (10 Round capacity per clip)
2 clips of Holy Water Paintballs
1 clip of Garlic-infused Paintballs
2 clips of Paintballs With Iron Powder Blended In
Paingball Semi-Auto Uzi with similar clip (32 rounds) options as above (kept in trunk of car)
Forgery Equipment and Supplies
Several Fake ID’s and Credentials
Bugs and other Surveillance Equipment
Bug Scanners and other Counter-Surveillance Equipment
Lowlight Goggles
4 slots for potions or other expendable enchanted items

Sample potion/talisman/rune/miscellaneous one-shot items Jeffrey might have:

*Escape Potion

*Rune of Mental Resilience (5 strength Block vs mental actions against wielder)

*Shielding Talisman (5 strength Block vs physical attacks against wielder)

Magic Bullet (5 shift Guns attack)

Enhanced Bullet (Weapon:5 shot from gun bullet is loaded in)

Potion of Obfuscation (Creates a Good Veil for the Imbiber which lasts for 3 exchanges)

Expendable Blasting Wand (One-shot Weapon 5 ranged attack; Depending on the element used it could be a fire attack, lightning attack, acid attack, etc. Variations could include a Weapon 3 attack vs an entire zone or different permutations of split attacks)

Talisman of Arcane Negation (5 strength counterspell)

Mists of Veiling (Potion that when sprayed or sprinkled over an area creates a Superb immobile veil large enough to hide a Volkswagen Beetle until the next sunrise)

Talisman of Sensory Overload (Performs a Great Block vs Alertness and any skill involving perception such as targeting people or dodging attacks for two exchanges)

Potion of Visage Alteration (Bottled ectoplasm attuned to respond to the thoughts of the person it is poured on. That person simply pictures an image and a Complexity 5 [2 base + Good [+3] Believability] ectoplasm construct similar to a Flesh Mask forms that lasts till the next sunrise unless dismissed, dispelled or destroyed beforehand, allowing the user to adopt the desired appearance imagined for the duration of its existence)

Talisman of Immobility (Imposes a Great block against mobility and all physical actions that require being able to move on a target that lasts for two exchanges; Alternate version imposes a Good block against mobility on a target that lasts for three exchanges.)

Potion of Opening (When bottle opened potion vaporizes into a mist which then temparily dissolves a hole in the barrier between the Mundane World and the Nevernever. It is recommended one has at least two of these on your person.)

Potion of Fleet Foot (A simple action effect of Superb Athletics is applied to the imbiber for the purposes of sprinting)

Potion of Enhanced Reaction (A simple action effect of Superb Alertness is applied to the imbiber for the purposes of initiative in a scene)

Potion of Enhanced Hearing (A simple action of Superb Investigation is applied to the imbibe for the purposes of Eavesdropping)

Potion of Ownership Recovery (This divination potion allows the drinker to use himself as a link to track any object that belonged to him through a Superb simple action for a default duration of an hour)

Potion of Serenity (A simple action effect of Superb Discipline is applied to the drinker for the purposes of emotional control)


High Concept: “Special Collections Field Operative”
As a Field Operative for the Library of Congress, Special Collections Division, it’s Jeffrey’s job to retreive occult text and artifacts so that they can be cataloged in Special Collections Repository, gather intelligence on the denizens and organizations of the supernatural world, and monitor and potential occult threats to national security and take action to counter them when deemed necessary.
Invoke: as a bonus when dealing with people and things of a supernatural nature; as a bonus when utilizing Division resources to assist in some endeavor; as a bonus for social interaction with fellow Field Operatives; for effect to declare facts about past or current policies, activities, operations, accomplishments and contingincies of the Special Collections Division or any of its current or former personnel.
Compel: to have complications arise due to Campbell’s status as a Field Operative of the Special Collections Division, such as attacks or interference by the Division’s rivals or enemies, needing to maintain good relations with Division allies and assets despite times when immediate goals potentially conflict, or having to safeguard or rescue Division resources or secrets when they are in danger.

Trouble: “Gotta Keep The Librarians Happy”
As a field operative on detached duty Campbell has a lot of initiative and discretion as far as how he conducts operations but in the end he has to pursue Division directives and goals handed down to him and justify his methods, performance and use of the resources provided to him.
Invoke: as a bonus to social interaction with those in “Library Administration”; as a bonus to get additional assistance beyond what would normally be available to him by pulling strings and calling in favors;
Compel: to have specific mission assigned to him by his superiors; have to participate in a mission debriefing, audit, performance review or other evaluations of how he does his job; to get caught up in office politics

Background: “Method Acting”
Jeffrey’s parents were actors who had first met while being cast in the same play. While growing up they fostered his talent for acting, paying for classes and encouraging him to try out for various productions. It was this period of his life that Jeffey developed his knack for immersing himself into a role, which would come in handy for him later when he would have to adopt cover identities as part of his career in espionage.
Invoke: as a bonus to convince others he is the role he is portraying; as a bonus to use skills and perform actions that one would expect from the role he’s adopted; for effect to declare that the proper preparation has been done to establish his role, such access to appropriate possessions or the arrangement of proper circumstances to support it.
Compel: to preserve the usefulness of a role rather than “break character” in such a way that it would prevent it from being used again; to have loose ends from past uses of a particular cover identity crop up to complicate the situation when it is utilized again

Rising Conflict: “My Life In The Spy Business”
Jeffrey was recruited by the CIA while in college, and did well in learning the various aspects of spycraft during his training. From there he performed a number of successful missions all over the world and received a number of commendations and medals. During the course of his career he had glimpses of denizens of the supernatural world and included details of such inexplicable encounters in his reports, which brought him to the attention of the Special Collections Division.

Noting both Jeffrey’s exemplary record and his ability to accept and report the strange rather than rationalize and ignore it, the Special Collections Division thought him a perfect candidate for a Division Field Operative. They promptly used their influence within the agency to get him reassigned and promptly inducted him into their ranks. Officially (or as officially as things can be in the Intelligence business), Jeffrey still works for the CIA. The agency just considers his employment with the Library of Congress to be a cover, in the same way that CIA operatives stationed out of embassies ostensibly work for the State Department. In reality, while Jeffrey can utilize agency resources and pass on relevent intelligence, any orders or missions he recieves are those originated by the Special Collections Division.
Invoke: as a bonus to skills and actions relevant to his training and experience as a spy; for effect to say he possesses something or has access to something due to his status as a CIA Operative; for effect to declare a fact or circumstance he would be aware of due to his career as a spy
Compel: to have his background as a CIA operative complicate things in some way, such as having a former enemy from his past show up, encounter with a fellow CIA operative who needs his aid, etc

First Story – The Black Court Book Job: “Fight Smart, Not Fair”
One of Campbell’s first assignments was to retrieve a rare grimoire from the lair of a scourge of Black Court vampires. Rather than face the vampires and their servitors in a frontal assault, Jeffrey ruthlessly used every dirty trick he could to tilt the odds in his favor. He attacked during the daytime, neutralized their Renfields by secretly lacing their food and water with a slow-acting and almost impossible to detect paralytic neuro-toxin, saturated the air with aerosolized garlic, used explosives to expose portions of the lair to sunlight, and used holy water paintballs and wooden bullets to take out the debilitated survivors. In the end thanks to his tactics he managed to singlehandedly exterminate the entire scourge and retrieve the grimoire, as well as plant evidence that a nest of nearby Reds and their pawns were the culprits behind the attacks.
Invoke: as a bonus when arranging circumstances to set up odds in his favor; as a bonus when taking advantage of weaknesses or previously arranged circumstances; for effect to declare he’s has a contingency ready to deal with a foe’s abilities or exploit their weaknesses.
Compel: to have him avoid initiating conflicts in which he does not have an angle or plan to tilt the odds in his favor but intead has to “fight fairly;” to have an unanticipated factor, such as the presence of an ally whose true nature he was not aware of, reduce the effectiveness of the circumstances he had planned to exploit

Guest Star – Doing It Like The Saint (Starring Ian Childress): “Good Intel Is Gold”
While on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Vatican and evaluate its security systems and procedures, Jeffrey spotted known magical thief Ian Childress and guessed correctly he was there to steal a particular relic. Rather than alert the Church he decided to take advantage of this attempt, planting surveillance equipment in key places and a tracking bug on the relic itself.

Jeffrey’s efforts bore fruit. When Childress committed the heist Jeffrey managed to get a recording of exactly how the security systems were circumvented. Even better, he managed to track Childress after the relic was stolen and record the tradeoff between Childress and the wizard who hired him. It was a definite coup for Special Collections, considering the wizard in question was not acting with the sanction of the Council, thus giving the Division leverage against him should they ever need it.
Invoke: As a bonus for any actions undertaken to collect intelligence; as a bonus for any actions that would benefit from intelligence Jeffrey possesses or has access; for effect to declare that Jeffrey possesses a specific useful piece of intelligence about someone or something
Compel: to have Jeffrey take advantage of an opportunity to gather potentially useful intelligence as long as it won’t jeaprodize his current primary mission

Guest Star – Cradle of Darkness (starring the entire party of South America – Cradle of Darkness): “Authorized Artifact Caretaker”
While on a simple mission to gather preliminary intel Special Collections Field Operative Jeffrey Campbell reports the alarming news that the thought-to-be extinct Red Court is not as deceased as everyone thought. Due to the Librarians’ revised estimates on the potential danger and difficulty Jeffrey faces as pointman for Special Collections operations in the area, coupled with his exmplary record of service, the decision has been made to grant him “Authorized Artifact Caretaker” status, which gives him the authorization to possess and utilize minor artifacts in the Library’s collection cleared as safe and suitable for field use. His involvement in the successful prevention of the Red King’s return was considered a major accomplishment that gave him increased pull and prestige in the Division, which resulted in him being granted authorization to utilize more powerful artifacts in the field.
Invoke: as a social bonus when interacting with people aware of this status due to the prestige that comes with it; as a bonus for using artifacts in his keeping.
Compel: to have people who wish to obtain a particular artifact in Jeffrey’s keeping try to obtain it from him; Compel to have a drawback or limitation on an artifact being used complicate things for Jeffrey. This could represent something the Library evaluation team missed or something they were aware of but only a problem under certain circumstances that would not be regularly encountered.

Jeffrey Campbell

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