Lia Harold


High Concept: Fomor Special Agent
Trouble: My life for the Masters
Aspects: Form follows deceit, hungry for power, I want YOU for Fomor servitude

Stress Tracks:
Physical: OOOO (OO)
Mental: OOOO
Social: OOO

Superb: Conviction, Deceit
Great: Discipline, Resources, Intimidation, Empathy
Good: Survival, Lore, Burglary, Alertness
Fair: Driving, Presence, Rapport

Powers and stunts:
Fomor Magic [-4]
Inhuman Toughness [-2]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
Refinement [-4]
Flesh Mask [-1]

Superb Liar (Deceit) [-1]
Con Artist (Deceit) [-1]


Lia Harold

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