Martha Kerr

She has dark hair and brown eyes. She's built like a Varsity Track and Field Athlete


High Concept: Size shifting Scholarship Athlete
Trouble: Ultra-Competitive
Other Aspects: Focus on the Goal; School Sucks, Mother of Nathan’s inhuman child

Template: shape shifter (she grows bigger or smaller)
5/6 refresh
1 FP

+1 Human Form affecting:
-2 Modular abilities affecting 4 refresh worth of points:
Possible combinations:
1. Hulking Size; Inhuman Strength
2. Diminutive Size and Cloak of Shadows; inhuman speed

+4 Athletics
+3 Stealth; Might
+2 Scholarship; Fists; Endurance
+1 Intimidate; Lore; Driving; Alertness

Phys: 000 (Hulking size: 00)
Social: 00
Mental: 00


High Concept:

Martha Kerr

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