Nathan Williams

Gave up his humanity to gain power with the Fomor


+5 Conviction; Deceit
+4 Discipline; Fists
+3 Presence; Endurance; Intimidate
+2 Stealth; Resources; Lore
+1 Contacts; burglary; Rapport

-4 Sponsored Magic: Fomor
-4 Supernatural recovery
-2 inhuman Toughness
+3 Catch: cold iron
-2 Claws
-2 Inhuman Strength
-1 Aquatic

Foci +1 offensive power
+2 Offensive Control



HC: Servant of the Fomor
Trouble: More than he bargained for
Other aspects: Sylvia’s Ex; Cold and Calculating; Pawns in a Plan; Better to be on the Winning Team


A tireless contributor to the Halifax paranet, Nathan met Sylvia during the course of the various meetings and events to keep people informed during the course of the Red Court war against the White Council.

Over time, Sylvia and Nathan become involved romantically. It was only later, after the fall of the Red Court that Sylvia discovered that Nathan had been working for the Formor, trading Paranet secrets, and feeding the organization misinformation in return for “power” granted him by the Fomor.

He’s lead many minor talents and other innocents into the clutches of the Fomor. Unfortunately, he may have ended up with more than he bargained for…

Nathan Williams

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