Nicholas Hawthorne

Silver Tongue of the Summer Court


High Concept: Silver Tongue of the Summer Court
Trouble: Enamored with the Ways of the Sidhe

Aspects: Put the Star in Starving Artist, My Word is My Bond, A Sharp Wit Cuts Deeper Than A Sharp Sword, Just a Shadow on the Wall or a Whisper in the Wind, Deals Bound by Flesh and Blood

+5 Deceit, Rapport
+4 Contacts, Presence
+3 Lore, Empathy, Craftsmanship
+2: Athletics, Alertness, Conviction
+1: Endurance, Scholarship, Stealth, Fists

[-4] Incite Emotion: Persuasion (At Range, Potent, Lasting)
[-2] Glamours
[-1] Devil in the Details: +2 to Deceit when brokering deals or making Declarations concerning those deals.
[-1] Sweet Nothings of the Silver Tongue

[-3] Item of Power: Badge of Office
[-2] Greater Glamours [
-4] Supernatural Recovery
[+3] Catch: Cold Iron and the Trappings of Summer


Nicholas Hawthorne

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