(a)Sylvia Fisher

Transmuted by the foul magicks of the Fomor, Sylvia has strange aquatic features


High Concept: Born Again Water Mage
Trouble: Woman in a Monsters Body
Other Aspects: Family Ties; Minnow Among Sharks; The Scales Fell From My Eyes; Where there’s a Will there’s a Way ;Arcane Scientist

Skills Stress -
+5 Discipline; Conviction M: 0000
+4 Lore; Investigation S: 000
+3 Scholarship; Athletics; Endurance P: 0000 (00)
+2 Presence; Rapport; Deceit; Alertness
+1 Resources; Contacts; Driving; Survival

Foci/specializations Enchanted items
+1 Defensive Power (wooden leaf pendant) Attack 4 (water pistol)
+1 Soulfire Power Block 6 (armour 2;2 exchanges)000 (silver crucifix)
+2 Soulfire Control Potion 4 Slot 0000000 (Mr. Freezie Bags of liquid)

Total 8 focus slots
- 3 specialization
- 1 focus item
- 8 Enchanted items




High Concept

Aspect: Born Again Water Mage
Invoke: Casting Magic; declarations around water; God and conviction stuff
Compel Doing “the right thing”; Missions from God; Preachiness


Aspect:Woman in a Monsters Body
Invoke: Scare people/Intimidate; Do fomor-type stuff like attacking or defending (to represent having tough skin), swimming etc..
Compel: avoiding Cold Iron; Social complications like needing disguises, having people be scared and/or attack her be prejudiced etc. or feel pity on her


Aspect: Family Ties
Invoke: Contacts “sure you want to do me a favour, do you know my dad?”; Boosting spells; getting info from her mother; Access to a lab, perhaps?
Compel Turning down Help from the White Council/Wardens; Having Father’s Enemies go after her; Having to help out her family; Being recognized?(this is unlikely- maybe her name recognized) at inopportune times;

Notes: This is how Sylvia knows Shale. He worked with Sylvia’s brother and helped her out through the paranet.


Sylvia was born in Newfoundland and was raised primarily by her mother. Her mother is a well known diviner in the supernatural community but is also well known for her quirkiness. They she was raised outside of St. Johns on a small rural farm off the grid. Her father, Eadgar Fisher, a prominent and involved member of the White Council was often gone on Council business. He’d travel using the Ways which could sometimes be dangerous. When Sylvia’s brother, Mike, was born, Eadgar was around more often but, still, business took up much of his time. When she was 16, she started showing signs of having talent. When her father tested her, though, he found she was not “wizard material”. This caused a rift to form between herself and her father, especially since he blamed much of Sylvia’s “personality flaws” on her mother since she did the bulk of the child-rearing. It wasn’t long afterwards that her two parents got separated. Almost as if to prevent the same fate for her brother, Eadgar took Mike, who was 10 now, to England for months at a time. Eventually, Mike became a wizard and was recruited for the vampire war at the age of 22.

Sylvia has an excellent, if distant, relationship with her mother but her relationship with her father is cold. Eadgar feels she is a disappointment and has grown up too much like her mother. Sylvia tries hard to impress him and show him she’s worthy of his affection. She was extremely close to her brother before he died, having been fairly isolated on the farm when they were growing up.

Rising Conflict

Aspect: A Minnow Among Sharks
Invoke: To seem unimportant or unthreatening to an enemy; Disguises; Defense rolls; Helping someone who is the underdog
Compel: Help the Underdog; Get taken advantage of; Get targeted as weak or helpless; Make bad judgement on a “shark”; Paranet stuff!


Moving to Halifax, Sylvia studied as a Water Specialist working as a contractor for various labs and companies and finally opening her own lab. She’d connected with the paranet and when her brother joined the Warden’s, she devoted much of her time to it, even providing her business as an emergency crisis centre. She wanted to prove to her father that she could help in the fight against the Red Court even if she could not fight them directly. During that time, she met Nathan William, another active member. They worked together very closely and eventually became romantically involved. During this time, they discovered a rogue necromancer. Feeling unequipped to deal with the problem, she convinced her brother to help them. Despite being extremely busy, Mike came with Shayle Buckby and handled the necromancer. Unfortunately, Mike was killed. Sylvia’s father blamed Mike’s death on her. It widened the gap in their relationship.

It was only after the War and after she’d been investigating the disappearances of minor practitioners that she discovered Nathan had been working with the Fomor and had been using the Paranet to fish for information and bait people into their hands. By the time she found out, it was already too late.

First Adventure

Aspect: The Scales Fell From My Eyes (this is going to kind of be the opposite of my last one)
Invoke: To see through falsehood; See God in places: Lore checks/knowledge checks; Resisting evil: conviction and discipline checks; Gain the Sight Temporarily
Compel: Be cautious or mistrusting; Having visions from God; Other stuff?


Members of paranet and other minor talents were going missing. Nathan and Sylvia had been tracking the disappearances. All leads pointed at the bay and Nathan convinced her and Martha, a minor talent, to venture out on the bay at night. Using her magic, she was searching the depths of the waters when they were attacked. Captured by strange creatures, it is only then that Sylvia realized Nathan had intentionally lead them into a trap…

Guest Star: – Storm Lords: Storm Lord: Agent of Monoc

Aspect: Where there’s a Will there’s a Way
Starring: Alexander Magnusson

Sylvia was in University when she was travelling the Ways to visit her mother for Christmas. It was in the Nevernever that she encountered a Storm Giant attempting to elude Alexander Magnusson. She froze over the pond that served as a portal into Halifax allowing Alexander to catch up with the monster and dispatch it.
First Story

Guest starring 2

Aspect: ?

(a)Sylvia Fisher

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