Völundr Blufyre

Svartalf Technologist


Völundr Blufyre

High Concept : Svartalf Technologist
Trouble : To human for my own good
Other Aspects: Digital generation(IoP), It’s not OCD!; Sucker for a pretty face; You can pick your friends, but not your relatives; An Oath given is yet another Oath to keep

Gender: Male
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Noncombat mode:
+5: Craftsmanship, Resources
+4: Lore, Scholarship
+3: Discipline, Endurance, Presence
+2: Alertness, Empathy, Rapport
+1: Athletics, Conviction, Stealth, Weapons

Armor Assisted Battle Mode:
+5: Alertness, Might
+4: Athletics, Weapons
+3: Discipline, Endurance, Intimidation
+2: Craftsmanship, Conviction, Driving(Navigation)
+1: Presence, Empathy, Rapport, Survival(Camouflage/Tracking)

Normal P:0000 M:000 S:0000
Armor P:0000(0000)(AR:2) M:000 S:000
FP: 2/1 Temp Aspects:

[-1] Sneaky Bastard
You are an expert in the subtle art of booby-trapping an area. If given time to prepare a location, you may create traps in that location. When in an area that you have booby-trapped, you may make physical attacks with your Craftsmanship skill. The weapon ratings and ranges of these attacks depend upon the traps used to make them. The time required to set a trap and the time that they last for will vary based on GM discretion.

[-1] Do You Like It? I Made It Myself
A weapon you made yourself is a weapon that you know really well. When you wield weapons that you built yourself, your Craftsmanship skill complements whatever other skill you use to wield that weapon.

[+0] Wizard’s constitution

[-4] Elder Runes: Kenaz and a set.
Resources set: Jera, Fehu, Othala (harvest, cattle, inheritance)
Windfall, Filthy Lucre and Lush Lifestyle . (Cattle thieving was a big deal in the old days :P)

World-walking set: Nauthiz, Ehwaz, Raido (need, horse, chariot)
Ghost speaker, World-walker

Might set: Manaz, Uruz, Thurisaz (man, ox, giant/Thor)
Wrestler, Mighty Thews, Bend & Break

Conviction/Holy set: Tiwaz, Ingwaz, Ansunz (3 gods)
Leadership, Personal magnetism, Marked by Power

Protection set: Ehwaz, Berkano, Algiz (Yew, birch, deer)
Bunker Builder (2 to barricades), No pain no gain, Tough skin (AR:1)

Rapport set: Gebo, Wunjo, Pertho (gift, joy, secret)
Best foot forward, Let me tell you a story, Sex appeal

Ice set: Isiz, Hagalaz, Laguz (ice, hail, lake)
Incite effect, At range, Lasting effect (WR:2)

Fire set: Kenaz*, Dagaz, Swolio, Tiwaz (Torch, day, sun, sky)
Incite effect*, At range, Area, Lasting effect (WR:2)

[-4] Titan Armor (IoP)
2 Discount
[-1] Reality-Bubble
[-1] Reality-Bubble Workspace
[-2] Drone : (Craftsmanship(4), Investigation(3) , Athletics (2), Stealth (1), Diminutive size, Kenaz rune)
[-1] Assisted Battle Mode (skill shuffle)
[-4] Supernatural Toughness
[+3] The Catch: Iron


Völundr was born to Argira of the Blufyre Clan. His father, an informatics student, fell in love with her during their education, but didn’t survive the betrothal ceremony. Völundr resembles his father not only physically but also in character, a “flaw” he hasn’t yet overcome. He is tall for a Svartalf , 164 cm, and has tan skin instead of dark grey. Völundr’s hair and eyes are silver, but unlike his kin, his have a golden nuance. His favorite rune is Odal (ᛟ)

Svartalf Technologist

Völundr showed great aptitude in the newer aspects of Mortal Ferrumancy, namely the Instruction of Automata and Automaic Intellect. Unfortunately his Runecrafting was mediocre and considering it is his Clan’s affinity, Völundr has no excuses. Proving his worth in Svartalfheim pushes Völundr in undertaking some pretty arduous tasks.

To human for my own good

Svartalfheim usually appreciates the union of it’s citizens with mortals, provided that they are worthy. Sicons tend to have some measure of Soul inherited from his mortal parent and therefore are more curious. This pushes their ambition and competitiveness. As they age, the excess Soul is gradually consumed but leaving undiminished the innate individual creativity. Völundr on the other hand seems to posses excess Soul and is slowly succumbing to Humanization. The Blufyre Clan hopes to avert such a shameful precedent.

Digital generation

The intertwining of Traditional Runecraft and mortal Ferrumancy opened new avenues for the Craft. Humanity entered the Information Age and unwittingly revealed their secrets to the world. Knowledge has Power and humanity failed to safeguard theirs. Völundr as many a young Svartalf, quickly learned how to easily access the Global Net and therefore was introduced at a formative age to the so called “Pop Culture”. This shaped his Mind and according to some stunted his Power. Not all is lost, for the introduction to so much human ideas, dreams and beliefs gave him unparalleled inspiration.
Most of his works resemble Futuristic armor, weapons and transport media. His most renown project was an Automaic Intellect codenamed “Alfred”, to the puzzlement of his Mentors, and sported a flexibility of thought comparable to that of a mature Spirit of Intellect. The claim of binary fission without information loss remains still under intensive investigation.
The AI “Alfred” was indispensable in the design and operation of “Titan Armor” by Völundr, that earned great praise for its innovative style and efficient use of resources.

It’s not OCD!

Excess Soul apparently has other unforeseen detrimental effects on ones behavior. The drive for perfection, characteristic of the Elvenkind, expresses itself somewhat inconsistently in Völundr. Repetitive behavioral traits get aborted before running their natural course of action. This and the random expression of human behavior phenomena, tend to increase with passing of time and are a clear marker of the Humanization process. The Blufyre Clan has requested that Völundr’s citizenship not be revoked, with the proposal of a Formal Adoption, so as not to stain their immaculate history.

Sucker for a pretty face

The drive for procreation is reasonably well developed in Völundr. His interest in the opposite sex has maintained a healthy level. Even more encouraging is the fact that his Artistic skills have steadily increased and is expected to grant him plenty of opportunity for the furthering of his distinguished line.

You can pick your friends, but not your relatives

Svartalves do not tolerate nonsense therefore stands to reason that Svartalfheim is not suited for outsiders. This lack of interaction with the mortal world hac caused some unforeseen effects on Völundr. His few interaction with mortals have been emotionally intense for him, causing strong bonding. The accounts of his hunting games and exercises have indisputably proved his lack of deeper instincts. This lack coupled with the absence of a paternal figure has caused the estrangement from his age group, but also pushed him toward interaction with more mature citizens. Völundr shows strong loyalty to the individuals he has managed to bond with, refusing to discard them even if they fail on their duty. He is still under investigation in order to asses the future repercussions of this trait.

An Oath given is yet another Oath to keep

Völundr lacks some of the innate instincts of a proper Svartalf, namely the obligations of debt and oath, therefore he must emulate them consciously. It has been observed that this conscious control can be evaded with globally detrimental effects. It is obviously in our best interest that such circumstances be corrected at the first opportunity.

Völundr Blufyre

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