Sylvia Fisher’s Rotes

Armour of Faith (requires foci) "shir’yon " (armour)
What: Power 7 block: 1 for duration; 4 for block or armour 2
Target: All Allies in 1 Zone
Duration: 2 exchanges
Stress: 2

Mind Mist (requires foci) ‘haganah’ (protection)
Total Power: 7
What: Veil Power 5 ; 2 shifts to see through
Duration: 1 exchange
Stress: 2

Slippery Grasp “shal’vah” (peace)
What: “Disarm” maneuver 7
Duration: instantaneous
Stress: 3

Slippery When Wet “eyn hisiyg et g’vulo” (no trespass)
What: Border Block
Power 5 block;
Stress: 1


Rising Tides gammut