Shale Buckby


Name: Shale Lachlan Buckby
High Concept: The Summer Warden
Trouble: Dead Wizard, Living Statue
Other Aspects: Australian Rules, My Fairy Godfather, Savin’ The Day, Sword and Sorcery, Matter Over Mind

SUPERB: Conviction, Discipline
GREAT: Endurance, Weapons
GOOD: Alertness, Intimidation, Lore
FAIR: Might, Presence, Rapport
AVERAGE: Athletics, Deceit, Empathy, Fists, Survival,

Occultist (Seelie) – Receives +1 for Lore checks regarding the Fae and +2 specifically for the Seelie Court
Was That Supposed To Hurt? – May use Endurance for the Dodge trapping of Athletics. He is just tough and doesn’t dodge.

Inhuman Strength -2
Inhuman Recovery -2
Supernatural Toughness -4
+3 Cold Iron and the like
Living Statuary (reskinned Living Dead) -1
Human Guise -0 (to cover an innate glamour that drops when he starts using his powers. He looks like white marble flecked with gold)

Sword of the Summer Warden -3
Description: A basket-hilt broadsword, this is the former Warden Sword of Shale Buckby. His death curse broke Anastasia Luccio’s enchantments on the sword, so Lady Violeta rewove the strands of magic with her own hand.
Skills Affected: Weapons, Conviction, Discipline
-0 It Is What It Is. A very well made basket-hilt broad sword. Weapon:3, Weapon:5 with Inhuman Strength.
-0 Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, this item cannot be broken except with a magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.
+2 One-Time Discount. The Sword of the Summer Warden is not easy to conceal, because it’s a full-sized sword.
-4 Seelie Magic
- Seelie Focus: +1 Offensive/Defensive Control for Summer Fire, +1 Offensive/Defensive Power for Summer Fire

Total Refresh Cost: -10
Adjusted Refresh: 2

P: OOOO ( OOOO ) Armor:2
M: OOOO +1 Mild

Flammeus Aculeus: 6 shift fire attack, targeted with Discipline+Focus
Manus Spinas: Plant life rapidly grows out to engulf target, 6 shift block vs Athletics for 1 round targeted with Discipline+Focus.
Igniscutum: Shimmering 6 shift fire block or Armor:3. Stacks with existing Armor:2.


Spirit Form:,39145.msg2075828.html#msg2075828

Shale Buckby

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